Electric vehicle parked at a charging station.

Electric vehicles pull out all the stops to attract drivers

The appeal of electric vehicles is more than just low emissions—it’s higher horsepower, too.

Years ago, the manufacturing and marketing of green products was mostly about higher purpose, with less emphasis on design, performance and emotional connection. Perhaps that’s why a significant gap existed between intentions and behaviors.

In 2019, the Harvard Business Review reported that 65% of consumers wanted to buy brands advocating sustainability, but only 26% actually followed through. Whatever the reason, many companies took notice. Just take a look at a few where design and performance reign supreme.

From GMCs first ever Hummer EV (electric vehicle) to Teslas divisive Cybertruck and others, the SUV and truck industry is luring more people under the environmental tent than ever. But if you ask those people what attracted them, the answer might have little to do with the planet.

Case in point is a recent commercial for the Hummer EV featuring LeBron James. While it casually mentioned zero emissions at the end, horsepower (1,000), torque (11,500 pound-feet) and speed (0 to 60 in three seconds) comprised the ads main message. And considering it ran during the Super Bowl, GMC was apparently betting big on planting its green flag in a more covetous spot within the audiences psyche. The results? According to Motor Trend, both the Hummer EV Edition 1 SUV and truck sold out in about 10 minutes.

This is not to say GMC is casual about the planet. In fact, the manufacturer has pledged to fully convert to electric by 2025. GMC simply realizes that tapping into motivations less related to sustainability might just help put every driver in an electric vehicle. Green by happenstance, you might say.

And they’re not alone. Here’s how some other manufacturers are charging toward a greener future with vehicles that appeal to just about anyone.




Tesla Cybertruck 

 Over 500 miles of range, no paint, easily recyclable at end of lifetime  Up to 3,500 pounds of payload capacity, up to 14,000 pounds of towing capability

Ford F-150 Lightning

 Built using sustainable manufacturing processes, can power your home while it charges  Nearly instantaneous torque, massive 15.5-inch touchscreen

Toyota bZ4X

 Zero-emission battery, onboard solar charging system  All-wheel drive capability, open-concept interior featuring panoramic roof

Rivian R1T

 Interior made from animal-free materials, dunnage containers at plant are reusable and made from plastics harvested from the ocean 14 inches of ground clearance, can drive through 3 feet of water

As the industry continues to make vehicles better for the planet, more and more emphasis is being placed on making them better for, you guessed it, design and performance enthusiasts.

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